Mobile search giant layout commercial limited to PPC need multi legged walking

in 2014, UC teamed up with ALI strong push what search, and yesterday, Ali announced a merger with UC, UC will become Ali’s business department, for the entire Ali UC mobile as the vanguard, not only in the mobile search on development. Yu Yongfu said in a TechWeb interview yesterday, the future of mobile search is the ability of technological innovation and data.

and PC side, the mobile terminal for the dependence of the search is not urgent, the user can complete the required services through independent APP, each of the vertical segments are more than mobile search can solve the needs of users.

the past mobile search hard to break the barriers are gradually open content, industry sources, for mobile developers, increasing push mobile APP cost, if the product does not have a very good business prospects, rely on the giant shade is not a bad thing.

love Shanghai in the mobile terminal for developers to provide the basic solution is HTMAL5 station, light applications, and 360 Open In App also recently development "".

In contrast,

, Sogou has a Tencent, a Tencent in the mobile search resources support, even more full of confidence. Recently, WeChat launched Sogou search, and further strengthen the integration of Tencent, vice president Ru Liyun said Sogou WeChat search at this stage is preliminary and open the contents of the public number, but for users to better find good content.


mobile search search search content but not demand

in the field of mobile search giant, love Shanghai is relatively low-key, instead moving in Shanghai love the latest financial revenues accounted for continuous improvement, for the love of Shanghai mobile strategy is both key and challenge.

in Shanghai shortly before the love Union summit, love Shanghai mobile search technical director Wang Jingao said love Shanghai mobile search volume in four years increased by 30 times in the past. Wang Jingao further said that mobile search is not a simple product, but a win-win symbiotic ecology.

The difference between

mobile search giant layout: commercial limited to PPC to brisk walking legs (pictures from the Internet)


recently launched Sogou WeChat search through WeChat, Ru Li Yun said "content access, to create a better user experience with the product". Sogou WeChat early adopters, is considered by many people as the first step to expand the search content.

recently, 360 to complete the final layout of mobile search, mobile search launched independent APP, which also indicates that the mobile Internet search in the field of war officially started.

Internet analyst Claire said PC end user search habits quickly transferred to the mobile terminal, of course the difference at the end of the PC search engine, search demand of mobile terminal region will increase, and O2O.

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