n 2015 A5 marketing new year, sun Shanghai Longfeng dry cargo!

4, don’t let the website become a "fraud", some are induced to click on ads, some misleading users to download, there is "hanging deceptive" like some "illegal gambling, legend, erotic * *" of every hue site, do the "enterprise information". These are serious cheating, even the police will be big brother uncle away! Here is a simple example:

1, don’t let the website become a "cheating site", many owners often do not want to cheat, but cheating, the final site is down right. Just a few days ago a customer asked me: "if love in the Shanghai library to highlight the hidden hyperlink can not?" the answer is no, cheating and cheating is petty suffer a great deal, also used in the above


is really here to download.

2, don’t let the site become a garbage station, station of a company to do Shanghai dragon diagnosis, weight OK in the last week, to achieve the "3" tool to view, flow is about 3K or so. But I was decisively rejected, just because one of the data: more than 40 thousand sub domain". I said a sentence: "this site is still not moving well, do later will die!" is like a virtual free fill man, a strong medicine, but will be bad, although Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis can help website optimization more perfect, but not into the fuse

A5 marketing, the new year do not forget the original intention: focus on the diagnosis of Shanghai Dragon (贵族宝贝admin5.cn/ Shanghai dragon /zhenduan/), build the enterprise network marketing platform first, here to share with you in Shanghai Longfeng dry cargo, less the wrong way, to avoid being fooled……



3, don’t let the site become a trap station, what kind of website is a trap site, we give an example. Take a look at the calendar, calendar, can see N years of things, how many pages? The spider can climb all the way down, that didn’t come out! This is the trap station station, of course, now many of these stations are in place with parity, not directly visible this spider link! To use: your website classification is not too detailed to normal, so that a channel classification down on the thousands of groups can link

struggled for a year, after one year, as a webmaster or it is your enterprise work, how to harvest? 2014 Xi greatly dispose of a large number of moths, people applauded. Shanghai did not dare to love behind the processing of a number of sites of moths, whether your site where? In 2015, is destined to be an extraordinary year, on the first day of the new year in Shanghai will give us a big joke! Some people even scattered down the right to broadcast a variety of rumors from the media for his "" as if, not knowing that itself is not half possible.


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