To choose the site from Shanghai dragon angle domain name space and program

come to talk about what are the requirements for the site of Shanghai Longfeng space. Starting from Shanghai dragon’s point of view, the requirement of space is stable. Stability refers to the speed of the stability and the time stability and speed requirements as soon as possible, if a users click on a web site, after tens of seconds or even minutes are not open, he will click on the upper right corner of the × so, the search engine, it considers a network station if open speed slow, the user experience is not good, will not give good rankings website. In time, if the site often isn’t open, the search engine will not give him too good rankings.

introduction: a web site cannot do without the domain name, space and procedures, as we all know, the domain name that we often say that the "URL", any website domain name is unique, corresponding to the procedure and content of the space is used to put the website, is the carrier program and content.

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many owners did not consider the Shanghai dragon at the beginning of the site, so in the choice of program, space and domain name is optional, wait until after the start of the line on the website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization; but if starting from Shanghai dragon angle at the beginning of the site can, requires both domain name space and program selection it will be more conducive to the website ranking. Then based on this, we should pay attention to what


to talk about the domain name, like that has been punished search engine or others have been discarded by the website domain name, do not use. Because the domain name before the host may have done Shanghai dragon. Due to various reasons by search engines into a limbo, in this case, if the domain name is registered and you as the domain name of the website, so even if your site is doing very well, but because of the domain name search engine before leaving a bad impression, probably won’t give you a good website ranking.

finally is the selection of the site of the program, then choose what kind of program is consistent with the Shanghai dragon? Now the Shanghai dragon friendly website program very much, you can go to online search, here is not introduced one by one. Here is only the simple recommend. Also called Dede CMS, dream, dream weaving program is relatively well-known, simple operation, do not have a superb computer technology, but also for Shanghai dragon dream weaving program more convenient. Of course, the choice of what kind of program have to rely on their feelings, you can better use the handy.


so, before registering a domain name, we should first examine, for example, you want to register a domain name, you can search the domain name in love Shanghai, Google and other major search engines, to see whether there is relevant content, if there is no record of words, the domain name has not been used by others you can register.

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