Nantong Shanghai Dragon how to survive in the competition, how to transition evolution

The so-called

2, the original site outside the chain

1, domain name age

1, outside the chain

chain for the king, the contents of the emperor. The content of this also reflects its importance. It can be said that a website is not.

, two acquired factorsThe accumulation of

during delete, it is not in the domain name age, so some website history is not to calculate the age of the domain name. That is to say, you need to hold the domain name change will not delete, or purchased from others (the domain name is one of my friends to me.

you know, for the website optimization, the chain is not missing. On the increase in the number of chain and pay attention to the quality of the chain here is not to do this, interested friends can take a look to the front of the article.

Nantong Shanghai dragon blog to the first row, also met a lot of local Shanghai dragon or is the webmaster friends, but also accumulated some contacts.

3, the content of the website

2, the advantage of


normally, I’m not going to go into the domain name registration or before I buy is K, I pay more attention to is the domain name is not the chain like. Why do you say that, even if the domain name is K, we can always adjust, and the existence of the chain, is a good way to provide a spider crawling. Also, before the transfer of the domain name to my blog, there are some outside the chain of high quality.

some of the issues in front of a domain name in the optimization in an article mentioned some selection techniques about domain name. Of course, my blog is not with the word Shanghai dragon, but careful people will find me this domain age is not small, 05 years in December to the present.

network : a congenital factor

we can see that there is a Links pictured in the right sidebar to my blog, which is more or less accumulated contacts through the network, in addition to some individual links not listed. As the high quality of the chain, there should be no who do not desire.

If the domain name after

do a lot of Shanghai dragon friend add my QQ, asked me what this word will do Shanghai dragon second, Nantong Shanghai dragon in the first term stable for so long, what skills. In website optimization, there are too many uncontrollable factors, such as search engine, such as hacker attack and so on, but also a lot we can control. Here, a brief talk about, website optimization, even if some people have special skills, at least he is not really telling you that, in my opinion, Shanghai dragon, remove some of the congenital factors, on the main or execution and contacts.

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