Note special station maintenance and optimization

to two times, the last time the middle, depending on the situation, but must be based on user experience as the principle, to be reasonable in both smooth and easy circumstances into. Generally about 800 words of articles, keywords appear 3 to 5 times in 3% to 5% of the best density.

1. content

for daily maintenance and optimization of the webmaster website is familiar, basically every day doing the same thing, sometimes feel tired, however, what is the way? Who let us choose the industry, with the industry? Although the webmaster of daily maintenance special station is very familiar with, but the A5 group or Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis and Optimization on this issue and everyone is talking about, just want to join the novice webmaster help.

, the first time is nine a.m. to ten a.m. each day to update an article, after this time the best also updated daily an article.

A. the chain anchor text should be diversified, not only a fixed keyword as anchor text

C. distribution

Update the Keywords The construction of the chain

B., the increase of the chain method: submit url to the directory site, similar and related content, Links exchange website, write the link with the site, the site of the article stated copyright statement, published articles and comments on popular forums, in the blog on the message, in love.

can know in love Shanghai, search for some related long tail keywords extended writing. Of course, the best original content, pseudo original, pseudo to comply with the content of others, their own original ideas. The best synthesis of a few articles, needless to say, the title to change the keywords to do, switch and terminal must own summary writing, the most important content in the opening part, but the content should be consistent with their own title, make sure the answer and substantial but not too much. This is not easy too long, too long a user didn’t have the time and patience to see. In addition, the title should be short and fine, generally about 15 words, and the best user search term matching.


to write, from small to large original such as special planning program can be written in special station station plan – special planning, special station station.



A. timing quantitative update content

At the beginning of the emergence of a

Description: we must sum up their writing, be sure to include the core keywords is the smallest keyword above special station plan. If it is not in the mix can be directly copied title, such as: what is the special station? At this time, you can put what is special station? A copy of decentralization in the front, followed by the answer is that it can be.

D. upload the

from the long tail keywords handwritten article

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