Links platform is not really useful.

two, Links platform also includes more management tools webmaster needed

Links platform in addition to providing the webmaster to find suitable Links site, itself is a high quality of the chain resources, as long as the Links platform, automatically generate a separate page with information about the site will add a high-quality permanent site outside the chain of resources.

such as go9go, integrity link platform, the site itself is a very high weight, the release of information after the next general webmaster will find has become self.

three, the chain to join the Links platform site ! The increase of

Links platform in addition to the site owners to provide detailed information, as well as its more unique extension function, such as "Webmaster Tools", "with the IP website (the same query server site)" and "ICP record information query, PR query, Whois information query", "included in the query" and "pseudo original tools" and "provide constructive suggestions to optimize the website" and so on to provide free access to all the owners.

Links platform after a long time of hard work and struggle, finally in all the webmaster eyes have a space for one person, begin to pay attention to the Links platform of this powerful tool, the role and value of Links platform for everyone to understand how many? Taiyuan Shanghai dragon as we summed up the following points:

Links platform can help webmasters to quickly find a suitable Links Links platform, after a long time of development, it has integrated the complete search function, already contains the site of the title, keywords, description, included the number, Alexa ranking, PR, type N website many data display, can make webmaster friends from the mass information easy to find to Links.

Links role from the creation of the world has been since Pangu, site contact between the bridge, there is a shaking of the insider, is the search engine what to grab so many sites? Yes, that’s great Links! So, think in the huge search engine to lure good the ranking is also cannot do without the great Links, so many people began to Links above the start of the article, all owners started with bell, to Links feeling so Links platform was born in this environment

, a Links platform within the site related information with

yesterday was Sunday, finally cool the rest of the day, a busy week, Sunday is the most happy day in a week, I can sleep a Lanjue, Monday, refreshed, you can start a new week of work. Today, the first week of a week, there is nothing to write, Taiyuan Shanghai dragon and a site called "credit chain" is a Links platform, a brief introduction of "Links platform".