Good internal update can make you rank fly

, 4 key words generally appear in the head, tail three parts

5, the other columns of the naturally occurring keywords, and add links, links to other articles

we do understand Shanghai Longfeng optimization, only rely on external link quality is unable to support a web site to get good rankings advantage. In the internal update internal optimization is to support a website key to get good rankings advantage, that is to say, ranking and weights of a website optimization of internal factors occupies an important position, and the share exchange of good internal optimization can make you rank fly. Update internal optimization problems that should mainly focus on:

we use the article to update the website, the title of the article as much as possible will we need to improve the keywords in the title of the article, so to enhance us to optimize the keywords weight and also laid the foundation for our keywords to get good rankings.

in the position we are in general head, tail three parts, this is more conducive to search engine grab our keywords, and clearly suggest that this keyword is very important in this article.

3, the article repeated the keyword

! Keywords In

1, every day at least one of original articles to update

2, the title of the article as much as possible to appear the keyword

content in the article, in the content on the basis of the nature, can appear many times we need to improve the keywords, this will help improve the whole article in the us to optimize the keywords weight and also laid the foundation for our keywords to get good rankings.

, that is to say, let us website links to form a chain network, make the search engine more love to stay, to collect rotating our site in your site, this is also conducive to carry on


, today I write this article to emphasis the point, but also the core point, must update the content is original! Because the search engine now is the original content, it is the original thing, one of the most important rules of this is love Shanghai ranking algorithm with personal experience, judgment, a chapter of the original article at least more than 60 pieces of garbage article (copy, copy) the weight is much higher, that is to say, we have to update the website to write a original article, and the weight of a original articles obtained at least than we copy, copy 60 articles to update the weights the site was much higher. Further, if we every day with an article to update the site to calculate it, then, as long as a month we write a original articles to update the weights of the site gets more than the weight of a month we every day to copy, copy two articles have. The original of this thing is this effect! Everyone not to need to study and discuss why it is! This is

This point is

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