The advantages and disadvantages of the magnifying glass icon search design

(a): the traditional search button search box;

] the user know a magnifying glass icon means’ search ‘, even without a text label. The deficiency is harder to find a user icon.

in the study of search interface design, we found a trend of the search box: more and more design using a pure magnifying glass icon to replace the traditional "search" with two words of the text in the button, and even some have lost the text input box, only left a magnifying glass icon. Today, a version of the user experience which is the best


however, some new models today are breaking down these basic guidelines. The magnifying glass icon to save more space, so the more sites using it. More flexible use of design guidelines is no problem, but there is little need to confirm, that user demand remains unchanged. The user does not care what the search area looks like, they just need a place to quickly enter search keywords. If the design practices are changing, but still allows users to easily achieve this goal, not to slow down, it will not have what problem. But in our survey found that only the search icon design still has some obvious disadvantages:

?Before the

search box design guide


in the upper right corner of the page is placed in an eye-catching search box, search box placed next to a search button.

The traditional

(E) design of the impact of the design by moving only the icon without the input box (we do not recommend this design)


search box design has been very mature, its main principle is:



magnifier icon and search has been closely linked, and partly because many different sites, applications and operating system to use it to provide a search for information. With this implementation, users have learned to quickly identify the icon. With the popularity of responsive design, icon design patterns using only the more popular (although a good response to the design of the site to a bigger screen when converting an icon will be displayed next to the search box).

for a variety of applications and operating system search function has the magnifying glass icon allows users to search and magnifier only link together. From top to bottom: Google > Browse

(B, C, d): a new search box with the magnifying glass icon design pattern;

do not need text search box, next to the search button that obviously can tell the user where to search, and also tell them how to search.

The icon of

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