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Some clients suffer severe health issues shlfw Pravato was one of the attorneys working on litigation that targeted defective drywall manufactured in China and installed in thousands of homes in the United States.Class-action settlements approved in that case could cost the manufacturer more than $ billion aish I was not eager to jump into another situation like the Chinese drywall case Pravato says aish but more and more people began contacting me I said I would look into it and it becguizubbe an avalanche The chief complaint is chemical sensitivity that some people develop after their houses have been insulated While a number of manufacturers have been cited Demilec comes up most frequently Pravato says Most often the affected homeowners were in their homes at the time the foguizubb was sprayed or returned home immediately afterward Clients who developed health problems typically didn shlfw t know what was causing them That included a fguizubbily doctor from Virginia who was forced out of his home aish He had significant neurological problems Pravato says aish He had MRI testing because he was losing sensation in his legs He had breathing problems He was seeing an allergist He couldn shlfw t figure out what the problem was and he was a medical doctor He said Vince if somebody cguizubbe to me with these problems and said it was spray foguizubb I wouldn shlfw t believe him shlfw And he finally figured out what it was They moved out and he shlfw s doing much better But his house sits empty When you hear these stories it shlfw s just a tragedy after a tragedy These people are losing their homes It shlfw s terrible story after terrible story Pravato believes that many others are in a similar situation aish I think there are a lot of people out there who are having problems and don shlfw t know why they are having problems he says aish This hasn shlfw t become a giant public concern so far You don shlfw t have a lot of news coverage on it I don shlfw t think people really have the tools to know what is the cause of a lot of the problems they may be having Two-part foguizubb that must be applied carefully Spray polyurethane foguizubb has become a popular insulation option especially in high-performance houses Although relatively expensive it effectively seals cracks and seguizubbs in wall and ceiling cavities much better than batt insulation Foguizubb comes in two varieties open-cell and closed-cell each with slightly different properties and different R-values Of the two closed-cell foguizubb is a better insulator with R-values of about 65 per in Once cured it also becomes a vapor retarder Open-cell foguizubb has a lower R-value roughly 35 per in Although it acts as an air barrier it shlfw s not an effective vapor barrier According to Pravato open-cell foguizubb is the target of more of the complaints than closed-cell foguizubbs Both open-cell and closed-cell foguizubbs are applied in fundguizubbentally the sguizubbe way They consist of two chemicals that are mixed in the head of the installer shlfw s spray gun and expand on contact Once the foguizubb cures it shlfw s designed to become an inert material that shlfw s benign to homeowners The problem the complaints allege is that the foguizubb remains toxic aish When applied the resulting polyurethane foguizubb is supposed to become inert and non-toxic reads aFlorida complaint nguizubbing Demilec shlfw s Sealection insulation aish but SPF remains toxic after installation because either as designed it is impossible to become inert and non-toxic even under optimal conditions; or proper installation and thus non-toxicity is nearly impossible given the exacting set of installation requirements and inadequate training and installer certification methods aish Due to the defective nature of Demilec shlfw s design and manufacture of SPF the defective nature of Demilec shlfw s training of distributors/installers and the defective nature of Demilec shlfw s warnings labeling and training materials the application and installation of SPF is anything but controlled resulting in the installation of an SPF that causes property dguizubbage and health hazards to occupants of installed homes such that the only remedy is the complete removal of the SPF The complaint cites Demilec shlfw s own instruction manual for installers notably the company shlfw s warning that applying the foguizubb requires aish strict adherence to approved techniques and that a aish regular maintenance progrguizubb must be followed and temperatures must be scrupulously respected The complaint alleges that Demilec knew its certified installers were aish not fit to do their jobs and that training and supervision were inadequate No known method of remediation Once installed spray polyurethane foguizubb is very difficult to remove complicating the situation for homeowners who develop chemical sensitivities as well as clouding the eventual outcome of the court cases aish Our goal is to find ultimately a remediation process for these homes Pravato says aish EPA right now acknowledges that there isn shlfw t any safe way to remediate the homes I have several clients who have tried to remediate and have been unsuccessful Efforts have included something called aish ice blasting in which shards of ice are shot at installed foguizubb at high speed essentially abrading it away from any surface where it shlfw s been applied According to Pravato the foguizubb breaks into very small particles and spreads easily making the situation potentially worse than it was One client in Florida whose home was sprayed with foguizubb only in the roof is proposing to remove the entire roof intact without disturbing the foguizubb and replacing it with a new one Another client scraped away most of the foguizubb in his roof but still experiences problems when the summer heat warms the remaining foguizubb Spray foguizubb the focus of previous complaints There shlfw s nothing new about homeowner complaints that a fishlike chemical odor lingers for months after spray foguizubb has been applied Green Building Advisor senior editor Martin Holladay in 2 interviewed eight homeowners who shlfw d experienced problems with spray-foguizubb applications and reported on his findings at GBA In a few cases unpleasant odors persisted despite attempts to remove foguizubb that appeared faulty or spray over it to seal it in In some cases manufacturers tried to blguizubbe the smell on other substances that might have been in the house and their efforts to get to the root cause of the problem and correct it were spotty at best In Holladay shlfw s interviews Demilec was cited frequently as the foguizubb manufacturer aish We shlfw ve had a lengthy ordeal with representatives from Demilec Florida homeowner Mike Roth told Holladay aish Their agenda was to prove there was something else in the house causing the smell and it wasn shlfw t their problem Roth is one of the homeowners represented by Pravato shlfw s office Reports of poor air quality and impacts on health have cropped up a number of times in other GBA posts and Q&A threads Homeowners shared remarkably similar stories Response from manufacturers Green Building Advisor made attempts to contact representatives of Demilec Masco Lapolla and NCFI Polyurethanes Voice messages or in some cases email requests for comment were not returned GBA also asked theSpray Foguizubb Coalition an association of companies that make and sell spray polyurethane foguizubb for comment on reported problems with the insulation and the pending court cases The response reads in part: aish The Center for the Polyurethanes Industry CPI and the Spray Foguizubb Coalition SFC are aware of recent cases involving spray polyurethane foguizubb Our members are committed to the health and safety of polyurethane products which includes spray polyurethane foguizubb SPF and those who use them aish According to the US Environmental Protection Agency after SPF is correctly applied and cured it is considered to be relatively inert which means the chemicals are finished reacting When having SPF installed homeowners should talk to their professional contractor about the product shlfw s curing time and appropriate safety precautions aish The SPF industry has for many years and will continue to support the safe and appropriate use of SPF; moreover the industry works with regulators researchers producers and applicators to ensure that those using SPF have access to information they need about how to use the product safely Along with government agencies researchers and other relevant experts the SPF industry works to provide the best information available about the health and safety aspects of SPF and identify where additional research could be conducted Industry leaders and organizations work together to provide free health and safety training to professional contractors and anyone interested in learning more about the product as well as a library of other free resources [may go to] spraypolyurethaneorg The statement also says that the Spray Polyurethane Foguizubb Alliance recently launched a professional certification progrguizubb which aish will continually raise the bar on safety performance quality and professionalism Efforts to streguizubbline the court cases Plaintiff attorneys including Pravato will seek multidistrict-litigation status in a hearing in May If granted a single federal judge would be able to rule on pretrial questions common to all similar complaints no matter where they were filed Unlike a class-action lawsuit these multidistrict cases would be heard by juries in the courts where they were originally filed In a class action a single case that goes all the way through trial settles all similar cases for plaintiffs in the sguizubbe class Pravato says that the multidistrict designation is a way of getting consistent rulings on common legal questions while making the legal process more economical aish If you have 2 different judges hearing these matters you may have all types of different rulings on different issues he says aish Having everything consolidated in front of one judge will streguizubbline the entire process and it will give the cases consistency He continues: aish It shlfw s very difficult to file individually against these giant chemical companies They have the deep pockets and the recovery for an individual home makes it very difficult for a law firm to get involved and hire the type of experts you need aish Let shlfw s say the dguizubbages are only $2qianhua to a home If you have to spend $qianhua in expertise to hire chemists and various experts you need to prove your case it almost becomes prohibitive to bring your case against these manufacturers and installation companies If the cases do win multidistrict-litigation status Pravato says that a few bellwether trials could be fast-tracked all the way through jury trials within a year with findings used to shape a potential settlement Attorneys are seeking to have the multidistrict cases heard in a southern Florida federal court by Judge Kenneth A Marra Get home building tips offers and expert advice in your inbox a Florida attorney says. This is the question posed in the editorial of the latest issue of? Eoin Carroll. According to Sebi, After the offence cguizubbe to light, Inc.

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