Saayii Tolof Part 475 EPISODE 33 (Difficult Marriages – ‘Naek’ Mean)

first_imgTaauru’ Mom Satou Panka When she saw Taaru she exclaimed; “What are you doing here with luggage on your head and another in your hand baby on your back sobbing? Are you sobbing for what another death?”Taaru Through her sobs she explained her ordeal; “Che threw me out of my matrimonial home when I refused his advances to sleep with me in my mourning dress I reported him to Chief who threatened to deal with him severely in his anger he threw us out as thrash. I’ll never go back to that home I reject the family in totality.”Maama Satou “Never! I support you 100% I have my ‘osusu’ more than D50, 000 we will pay back their ‘bride price’ which is less than that. Wipe your tears I’ll never allow my daughter be humiliated while I am alive. It is your decision to marry or not to marry you are very good in business you’ll join my ‘osusu’ take care of yourself and Sagaar God is alive!”At Chief’ Castle Lady Baah came to join Chief chamber but he asked her to leave; “I want to be left alone uneasy lies the head that bears the crown.”Lady Baah She felt embarrassed but had to cope; “Am sorry it’ okay.” She went back to her room with disappointment; “He no longer loves or care about me something is bothering him but I don’t know what is it.”Chief He sat alone in the sitting room and called for Lady Baah who rushed to answer him; “Perhaps he has decided to speak his mind let me go and hear what he has to say.” Lady Baah soliloquy.Chief “Lady don’t panic it is something I have to share with you as my first wife;  I want to take another wife tradition and custom support it.”Lady Baah She was shocked and disappointed and took time to react; “Now I understand your mood with me you are in obsession to marry another woman and your only reason is that tradition and custom support it but my candid reaction is that you don’t need a second wife I have given you two sons and a daughter who are now grownups and one about to marry and give you grandchildren a second wife brings conflict and commotion our family will be divided please my husband don’t marry a second wife.” She stooped before him.Chief “Get up Lady I am not seeking for your approval don’t overstep your bound I was just being polite and nothing else I have decided and nothing can stop it our gods are in support of it I should have done it a long time ago I am an African Chief in the past a chief can marry as long as his pocket can endure. Go discussion is over.” He laughed at Lady and said; “Women even in old age they become jealous if their husband wants to take a second wife she is so selfish she enjoys me alone all these years now I want to extend my linage and she said no what does she lacks? She has already suck me dry, silver, gold other precious stones she has in abundance what else does she need?”Lady Baah She is disappointed and unsure of the future; “What will this second wife brings? I don’t not even want to know where she comes from she is a rival who will bring trouble but I have to reorganize myself have my dignity and self-esteem I’ll be positive and accommodating as a first wife but if she excludes herself I’ll respect her privacy if Chief acts favouritism I’ll fight with him for my right as a first wife.” She went to the garden to share her thoughts on the issue since Chief refused to discuss it with her she found her daughter Beew listening to music with her ear piece and dancing the world she spoke to her but she was busy with her music she shook her to alertness; “Beew! You should be alert to your environment when you fix this ear piece the world would be ablaze and you’ll continue dancing you are so frivolous.”Beew “What is it mom I am all ears.”Lady Baah “Did your father tell you anything?”Beew “No! Is everything all right? You look worried mom!”Lady Baah “Is your brother Buge in?”Beew “No he is not does he have problem with dad?”Lady Baah “No my daughter your dad wants to marry a second wife.”Beew “Second what! But why should dad marry at old age? He has three successful children a Business Manager, Community Development Guru and a Barrister if he develops another young family we will struggle for his wealth with children from another mother that is very unfair; what are you going to do mom?”Lady Baah “What should I do daughter barrister? Do you expect me to divorce him at this time and age? I married him traditionally and according to tradition and custom he is in order I have to maintain my dignity, self-esteem and self-worth it would be very difficult and challenging but with positivity, clean heart and being prayerful the good Lord I serve will see me through.”Beew “I have to take my time before I marry a patriarch like my father disgusting!” To be Cont.last_img

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