This Company Is Turning Canal Garbage Into Highend Office Furniture

first_imgStay on target Marriott Swaps Tiny Toiletries For More Sustainable OptionsMan Paddles 2,900 Miles Across Pacific to Help Curb Ocean Pollution When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. One Netherlands-based business thinking along those lines has tweaked the old adage to “when careless humans fill your canals with garbage, turn it into office furniture.”Vepa has been making furniture for more than four decades. For their newest product line, they decided that they wanted to do their part to tackle plastic pollution in Amsterdam’s waterways.The result: Plastic Whale Circular Furniture. Not circular in the sense that it’s perfectly round, mind you. Circular in the cyclical Happy Gilmore sense. Plastic Whale furniture is made entirely from reclaimed and recycled materials — like plastic fished from the local canals.Vepa also uses recycled steel for chair legs and reclaimed fabric for padding in its Plastic Whale pieces. They’ve also been designed for easy assembly and disassembly, which is an important part of sustainable design.What the furniture is made from and how it’s put together is just part of the circle. Vepa closes the loop by having a plan in place for when customers decide it’s time to replace their Plastic Whale furniture.The company will happily take its furniture back at the end of its life cycle. Vepa will even pay customers for what they return. That’s because it will be used to make other furniture and keep things moving along that sustainable, circular path.Some parts — chair legs, perhaps — might be cleaned up and used as-is on a new chair. Others could be processed into raw materials and transformed into something entirely different.As Vepa sees it, they had two choices. They could either ignore the problem of plastic pollution, or they could do something about it. Ignoring the problem hasn’t worked out very well so far, so it’s good to see companies like Vepa — and Adidas, who recently announced that they’ve sold 1 million pairs of shoes made from ocean plastic — are determined to make a difference.center_img Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img

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