Legos Gigantic Mountain Cave Is Almost 3000 Pieces Of Minecraft Fun

first_img Hands-On: Lego Hidden Side Packs Plenty of Spooky AR FunThe New Lego UCS Imperial Star Destroyer Is Nearly Four Feet Long Stay on target Lego and Minecraft are a match made in heaven. So much so, in fact, that a company spokesperson once said “Minecraft is digital Lego,” adding “we only wish we had invented it.” They’re doing just fine with their licensed sets, of course, and the latest is a real masterpiece.Tipping the scales at a whopping 3.36 kilograms, the Mountain Cave’s gigantic, carry-it-with-both-hands box is packed with 2863 pieces. When it’s fully assembled it measures 20″ x 11″ and it stands more than a foot tall at the peak.Everything you need to reproduce an epic Minecraft adventure is included. Play as both Steve and Alex and use your wits to survive in the brick-built mountain landscape against a bunch of mobs. Watch out for the zombie, skeleton, the wolf and its baby, and the always-sneaky enderman!There’s even a charged creeper who’s ready to blow at any moment and a slime that you can break open to reveal two little slimes. Head underground, and you’ll find a cave spider and a pair of bats waiting for you. Need sustenance? There’s only one sheep… so you may want to save it for a bed or string instead of turning it into mutton chops!The Mountain Cave is overflowing with cool elements. It features a working minecart elevator, a lengthy track to roll around on, a spinning spider spawner, and a lava burst detail. And because few things in Minecraft are as fun as a good explosion, there’s a TNT blast you can trigger and a function that lets that charged creeper go out with a bang.Other in-game elements you’ll find include seven different ores (coal, diamond, emerald, gold, iron, lapis, and redstone), golden armor, a diamond sword and shield, a furnace, and a torch and jack-o-lantern to illuminate your surroundings.Like Lego’s other Minecraft sets, the Mountain Cave is fully modular. Apart from looking nice next to your other Minecraft sets, you can pop out elements and reconfigure your brick-built world in all kinds of different ways. The Mountain Cave goes on sale July 1, and it’ll be priced at $249.99.last_img

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