Lollybot is a robot made from a PS2 controller and lollipops of

first_imgOld Dual Shock controllers have been hacked to do plenty of things in the past, though usually the end goal is for them to still work as some sort of controller. Lollybot, winner of the AFRON $10 robot design challenge, takes the controller and makes it a simple yet fun robot.Lollybot gets its name from the pair of Chupa Chups that have been mounted in the center of what used to be the joysticks for a basic Dual Shock controller. Instead of using it like a controller, Thomas Tilley decided he really wanted to make an inexpensive robot out of it. The goal was to create a robot that would use the lollypop augmented joysticks as bump sensors, so when the joysticks moved the robot new to adjust course. When his original design for the robot failed, Tilley decided to keep the lollipops anyway and moved on to a more functional design.With a pair of wheels attached at the hand grips and simple stabilizer in the front, the Lollibot had all it needed to move around as long as it was still tethered via USB. With a pair of LEDs in the bottom of the controller to paint the floor, the light dependant resistor could be used to see lines as the robot drove around. This made it easier for the little robot to move around independently, and still be able to change course in the event of a bump or crash.Control of the Lollybot relies on a computer, but there’s both a Windows and HTML5 friendly version of the software that was made to drive this little robot around, should you decide to make one for yourself. Tilley has documented the entire construction process, and as long as you have most of the tools already this would be quite the inexpensive weekend robot project.last_img

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