Police raid apartment following report of gunshots discover teens playing CoD

first_imgVideo games haven’t just got more realistic in the graphics department–sound quality has also increased greatly over the last few generations of console and PC hardware. We’ve also seen the quality of speakers on TVs, laptops, and PC sound systems improve. That’s great news for games players, but it also seems to have caught police out in Sweden.On Saturday night police raided an apartment in Sweden following reports of guns being fired and a man screaming for help. However, when the police burst into the apartment they didn’t find an injured man or a gunman, they were instead faced with a group of startled teenagers playing one of the Call of Duty games.Ten police officers attended the scene of the alleged shooting after a passerby reported hearing the gun shots and screams for help. The shots were obviously the teens firing their in-game guns. The screams for help came from one of the player’s characters who has been badly injured.As you’d expect, the police left the apartment without making any arrests, but surely must have requested the teens keep the noise levels down. I’m sure a few of them may now be considering headphones for the next gaming session to avoid future raids.I’d also be interested to know how many of the ten police officers have gone out and bought a copy of CoD this week. On the other hand, based on sales of the game most of them probably already have it.via UPIlast_img

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