Texting and driving dangers highlighted in ATT documentary

first_imgAs part of AT&T’s It Can Wait campaign, first launched in March 2010 which highlights the dangers of texting and driving, the carrier has created a 10-minute documentary called The Last Text featuring eight individuals whose lives have been changed forever as a result of a tragedy directly caused by a driver being distracted by a text message.AT&T plans to distribute the piece across the country to schools, safety organizations and government organizations. The company also plans to share the documentary with its wireless customers, employees and families through:AT&T’s Teen Advisory Council – 10 teens of AT&T employees from across the country – and their schools;AT&T U-verse® Mobile, AT&T U-verse Online and AT&T U-verse TV On Demand (airing continuously beginning this week on a dedicated channel at no cost to subscribers);The AT&T employee “Defensive Driving” courses required for all company employees who drive as part of their job;AT&T’s Smart ControlsSM page (www.att.com/smartcontrols), an all-in-one destination with information and tools for parents and children on how to stay safe with technology, and tips to manage content, spending, time and location;AT&T’s “It Can Wait” resource center (www.att.com/txtngcanwait) and www.att.com multimedia download center; andAT&T’s Friends & Family page (http://itcanwait.att.com/)The timing of the release of the documentary coincides with the approach of New Year’s Eve, one of the most dangerous days on the road. The video is raw and is clearly designed to make an impact as demonstrated by the reactions of these teenagers in the video below.Read more at AT&TBrian’s OpinionI really have to hand it to AT&T. They have been the most outspoken of the three major wireless carriers when it comes to the dangers of texting and driving. This documentary takes AT&T’s It Can Wait campaign to a whole new level.I will be the first to admit that the documentary is heart-wrenching, raw and even disturbing to watch. Unfortunately, that’s what is needed to get the attention of teenagers who persist in the dangerous practice of texting and driving. Frankly, I’d rather have them be uncomfortable watching a video than be in the emergency room fighting for their life because they were distracted by a text message.While knowledge is indeed a powerful tool in preventing senseless deaths, I also think technology can play a role in helping teenagers make the right choices as well. Let’s be honest, teenagers don’t always make the best choices when the right answer is in their face. Sometimes they have to be forced to take appropriate action which includes not being able to use a phone to send or receive text messages while their car is in motion which is definitely possible with the use of GPS technology.last_img

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