Cholera outbreak in Zimbabwe continues to decline – UN

7 May 2009The cholera outbreak that took hold of Zimbabwe from last August sustained its downward trend last month while aid agencies continued their efforts to combat the disease, according to the latest United Nations update. The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) reported 65 cholera infections by the end of April with four deaths, compared to 26 cases and 13 deaths the previous month.The total number of people contracting cholera reached 97,400 and the death toll stood at 4,271 since August 2008.The Cholera Command and Control Centre continues to provide medical supplies to the districts and all provinces have received cholera kits and generators, while agencies partnering with the UN are supporting the control effort by providing case management expertise, distributing non-food items, borehole drilling and water trucking. Also in April, basic hygiene kits were distributed in 14 districts and additional non-food items (NFI) reached some 93,000 households, at least 465,000 people.Aid agencies working in water, sanitation and hygiene are also responding to cholera spikes as they occur, focusing efforts in Harare in April. The World Health Organization (WHO) donated computers and communication equipment to the Ministry of Health and Child Welfare, with the aim of strengthening surveillance through better data management.

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