PJD Pressures Saad Eddine El Othmani Over Government Reshuffle

Rabat – The Head of the Government’s individual meetings with the leaders of the majority parties are ongoing. The Party of Justice and Development (PJD), headed by Saad Eddine El Othmani, has been pressuring the head of government to keep the party’s current majority.According to the Assabah daily’s September 6 issue, some PJD members have warned El Othmani against making concessions that would reduce the party’s majority in the government.  The party’s reaction is allegedly due to the Socialist Union of Popular Forces’ (USFP) bid for influence over more government departments. However, PJD Islamists are hoping that the presence of parties in government ministries remains proportionate to each party’s number of seats in Parliament. This means that a party with 30 parliament representatives should not be able to govern more departments than a 100-representative party.El Othmani has not yet discussed with party leaders the new organization of the government, says Assabah newspaper.Even though the daily considers that the sovereign ministries (Interior, foreign affairs, Justice and Islamic affairs) will not be affected by the changes, the USFP suggested which ministries should be canceled. The Ministry of Higher Education, for example, could be removed from the government as Moroccan universities will be autonomous, while vocational training is expected to be assigned to the Ministry of Employment.The political parties are expected to choose the new ministers based on merit. The head of government has emphasized the need to provide competent profiles who focus on fieldwork and who can take over the priority issues, starting with the social issue, says LesEco.

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