first_imgBY EMMET RUSHE: What follows is a short list of a few of the characters you will come across in almost any gym around the country.
 You may know a few of these. Maybe you are one of these!
 This person can range in age, but I’m going to focus on the 16-20 year old male newbie.This guy lands into the gym armed with all the lifting knowledge the last issue of ‘Men’s Health’ gave him. He watches all the bigger guys in the weights room and REALLY wants to be like them.He claims that he wants to get bigger but is only ever seen doing a few curls and sometimes some crunches.The newbie can also be found trapped in the chest press after trying to lift the same weight as the biggest guy in the gym.THE GYM BUNNY: This is the girl who seems to spend every waking hour in the gym. 

Maybe she doesn’t, but every time you set foot in the gym, no matter what time of day or night it is, the gym bunny is there. 

Clad all in Lycra, the gym bunny can be seen on any of the 3000 cardio machines the gym has to offer and frequenting almost all of the 90 classes the gym does that week. When not in the gym, the gym bunny is usually spotted out for a ‘walk’ that can last up to 4 hours.THE SWEATY GUY
: Every gym has one.All this guy has to do is put on a pair of trainers and it’s like he starts to evaporate.Everyone knows that this guy was in the gym due to the sweat-mark of the back of his head generously left on every machine.People have been known to flee in terror when the sweaty guy starts doing jumping jacks due to the fallout of sweat spraying from the ends of his fingers. Reports of diminishing blue roll supplies have been reported throughout gyms with sweaty guys training there.THE BRO: Aaaah, the Bro.No gym would be complete without their very own bro.Bro’s can be found solely in the weights area. Training times can range anywhere from 3-5 hours.30 mins of this is actual training and the other 4 and a half hours being spent providing God-awful information on training, nutrition and supplements to whoever will listen to them.Bro’s are usually found with a flock of Newbies hanging on their every word and sipping on a protein shake so they don’t lose ‘Dem Gains’.Shouts of ‘1 MORE REP’, ‘YOU GOT THIS’ AND IT’S ALL YOU BRO’ can usually be heard echoing from the dark corners of the free weights area.THE SLEAZY TRAINER:

 The sleazy trainer can usually be seen in colour coordinated, same branding training gear. 

 They have a sixth sense whenever a female sets foot in the building. 

 This particular specimen can be found leaning on whatever machine any attractive female is trying to train on.Sleazy trainers usually have 500,000 friends on Facebook, with 499,999 of these being female and members of whatever gyms they have worked in.

 They can usually be found with a year round tan, eyeball-melting white teeth, highlights, t- shirts that look like they were bought in ‘Baby Gap’ and sitting on Tinder for the best part of the day. 

 If you are male and in need of help in the gym, you are clean out of luck if you approach this trainer. You might want to keep any eye on your other half however.These 5 people have been a part of gym culture since time began.There might be one or two here that you dislike, but whether you like them or not is irrelevant. If we were all the same, the world would be a boring place. These people are what make the gym, the gym.#TrainSmartFor further information on Personal Training or The Better Bodies Challenge, please contact me through the link below.


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