GBTI awards 15 Early Savers with bursaries

first_imgAt its Kingston Office on Friday, GBTI awarded with bursaries 15 of its Early Savers who were successful at this year’s National Grade Six Assessment examinations.The country’s perfect scorer, Naila Rahaman, who now attends Queen’s College, is among those awarded. The others are: Virenda Dookie, Brendon Prince, Mariah Ellis, Sameya Khan, Deviani Ram, Malina Khan, Jazzmin Roopchand, Ziya Haniff, Sayid Stuart, Mikayla Hamer, Joel Benjamin, Elijah Rajak, Muhammad Baksh, and Tiffany Regis.Assistant Chief Education Officer Owen Pollard encouraged the students to stay focused in this new journey, so that they can continue to celebrate continued academic successes.Pollard also commended GBTI for recognising the awardees, and expressed admiration for the parents, for encouraging their children to save from an early age.Many of the parents said the children were born into GBTI’s Early Savers Members Club, since the parents themselves were Early Savers and realised the benefits.The mother of the Top NGSA student said she opened an account for her daughter when the child was a baby, and she loved when her daughter received birthday and other cards from the Club. She said that often, when she gave Naila allowance, Naila would ask her to put it into her account instead.The parents expressed appreciation to GBTI for the awards, and GBTI Executive Director Richard Isava said the Bank would continue to support these initiatives.He congratulated the students and encouraged them to continue to stay focused and save for their future’s higher education as well.This is the 15th year since GBTI started its bursary programme for members of its Early Savers Club. Early Savers who wrote the NGSA were required to submit their names and copies of their results slips, and 15 were randomly selected.The Club is open for membership of persons between zero and 18 years old. They enjoy special interest rates, shopping discounts, birthday rewards, bursary awards, and an annual recognition for being consistent savers.last_img

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