Choco Lozano: “The passion of the Cádiz fans reminds me of football in Honduras”

first_imgFor his part, he praised the colleagues with whom he shares a position, Malbasic, Álvaro Giménez Y Elder brother, “they are three very good forwards with great experience and trajectory. That competition is good because it makes you have the plus to improve. “The forward acknowledged that the dressing room mates speak daily, but since the quarantine began he has not spoken with Álvaro Cerverahowever they have done it with Roberto Perera Y Manuel Vizcaíno. “The coach is not talking much, but he speaks very clearly in training. During the quarantine we have not spoken with him, but we have spoken with the second coach (Roberto Perera) and with the president (Manuel Vizcaíno).”As for the best moment of his career, the Honduran remembers with great appreciation his time at the Tenerife. “The best moment of my career was at Tenerife. I remember that stage with much affection and I enjoyed it in a big way, just arrived from Honduras“The Choco Lozano has valued this season in a positive way, “the team has been almost every day as leader. Although many people criticize the way Cádiz plays, it is what works for us. Playing as we know it is very difficult to beat us. We have taken a lot of advantage to third place and the fans are appreciating it. “Love for HondurasThe footballer recalled his childhood, “when I was little there was no technology, but in my low-income neighborhood we were always with the ball and we had a great time.”He also acknowledges that he misses the food from his land, “Honduran food is always needed. My wife makes me some dishes, but it is always necessary to keep the flavors of the land in mind.”Looking at his childhood idol in the world of soccer, Lozano affirms that he was always David Suazo, and currently admires Alberth Elis“The panther for me is the best player in Honduras today. He is now in the MLS, but we are looking forward to all Hondurans making the leap to Europe.”The striker wanted to clarify that he did not directly request that the Honduran team not summon him for the November matches of the Concacaf Nations League. “I didn’t really request it, but I reached an agreement with the coach (Fabián Coito) to find the best solution for both of them. He told me that he wanted to try some guys and I wanted to settle in Cádiz.”Finally, the Honduran appreciates all the signs of affection he receives from his land, “the support and affection of my people always comes to me, and receiving that support is very important to me, in addition to receiving that of the Cadista fans.” In addition, he confesses that he chose the Cádiz offer, despite having others, because he liked the project and the expectations of the season. “I was very motivated by the Cádiz project, which has been close to promotion for several years. The president did a great job getting me here. “As for the break that the competition has suffered due to COVID-19, Choco trusts that a solution will be found that is fair for all teams, “we have great uncertainty about what will happen. Hopefully the decision they make is based on justice for all teams. This situation is atypical. “And he adds, “The stoppage hurts all the teams in the League a lot. You have to stop for many days, we don’t know how many they will finally be. My colleagues are great professionals and I know they are working to get back in the best possible physical shape. It will be complicated especially in terms of breathing, when we return to the field we will notice “.The Honduran greatly admires the intensity of the Cadista hobby, and even compares it with that of his country. “The fans of Cádiz and their passion remind me a lot of my country, they live soccer in a very similar way”. This makes him want to stay in the Cadiz, “I hope to be in Cádiz for many years. One of my motivations is to go up to First because I have a compulsory purchase that would mean three more years here “. The forward spoke about the reception of the fans and their stay in the province of Cádiz, “in Cádiz they are very hospitable, and there was great expectation around my signing, so the fans received me with great enthusiasm. I am grateful for that. Also I love Cádiz, although I live in Puerto de Santa María, but I go a lot. It has a great climate and like Cádiz it is difficult to find another place. I also really like Vejer and Setenil de las Bodegas, that I was able to visit them. “ The ‘Choco’ Lozano He was the protagonist of the virtual meeting on Monday, where the Honduran was able to interact with the fans to answer their questions. This is a formula devised by the Cadiz to liven up the afternoons of the amateur cadistas during the confinement by the coronavirus. Other wardrobe mates such as Malbasic and José Mari have already passed. 9last_img

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