There are inventions that change our lives and then there are these …

first_imgInventors have existed for centuries; people who find a problem or an annoying situation, have put to work to create an invention that solves this problem. It can already be something as easy as putting a stick on a candy, or something as complex as a printing press so you don’t have to copy hundreds of books by hand.As time passes, the number of inventions in the world is much greater and it seems almost impossible that any more could appear. However, creativity and need are things that will never disappear. Not all inventions may be so popular or practical, but there will always be people who make creations that somehow help the world. A good example of this is Matty Benedetto. This young man has become an expert when it comes to creating the most absurd inventions. A few days ago he published in the Instagram account Unnecessaryinventions, or “unnecessary inventions” in Spanish, his own version of the classic pants we all know. These pants, unlike the normal ones, have a XXL pocket that covers the entire back. Image: iStock Creativity and need are things that will never disappearA user becomes an expert by creating “unnecessary” inventionslast_img

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