Umphrey’s McGee Debuts New Mashup Songs In Mashup Halloween Costumes [Full Audio/Gallery]

first_imgUmphrey’s McGee completed their two-night Halloween run last night, hitting The Pageant in St. Louis, MO for the second night running. While the first night was a classic UM show, the second was a true Halloween celebration, in the spirit of their forthcoming album ZONKEY.The ZONKEY album sees Umphrey’s McGee mashing up the music of other bands to create new and unique songs. Last night, Umphrey’s debuted three brand new versions of these mash ups, including “Jumpin’ Jack Wedding Party (All the Time),” “Royally Feel Like Driftin’ Away,” and “One More Wicked, Cruel Summer.”Let’s break those down. “Jumpin’ Jack Wedding Party (All the Time)” mashed up “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” (The Rolling Stones), “White Wedding” (Billy Idol), “Party All The Time” (Eddie Murphy).  “Royally Feel Like Driftin’ Away” was a mash-up of “Drift Away” (Dobie Gray), “Feel Like Making Love” (Bad Company) and “Royals” (Lorde) mash-up. “One More Wicked, Cruel Summer,” the encore of the night, was “Wicked Game” (Chris Isaak), “Cruel Summer” (Bananarama) and “One More Time” (Daft Punk).Not only that, but the band had mashed up costumes on as well. From left to right in the photo above, Jake Cinninger was Hil Billy Idol, Andy Farag was Ronald McDonald Trump, Kris Myers was Daft Steam Punk, Ryan Stasik was Zonkey, Brendan Bayliss was Cyprus Hillary Clinton and Joel Cummins was Ken Bone Thugs & Harmony. You should really check out the full gallery of photos below, courtesy of Tara Gracer Design & Photography.Listen to full show audio from taper [email protected] below.Umphrey’s McGee will return to the road in about a month, when they hit the Dominican Holidaze festival. Meanwhile, ZONKEY is due out on November 11th. Check out their full setlist below from All Things Umphrey’s.Setlist: Umphrey’s McGee at The Pageant, St. Louis, MO – 10/30/16Set 1: Miss Tinkle’s Overture, Hindsight, Intentions Clear -> Out Of Order, Remind Me, 2×2, Jumpin’ Jack Wedding Party (All the Time)[1]Set 2: The Triple Wide[2], Puppet String[3], 40’s Theme, Piranhas, Partyin’ Peeps, Royally Feel Like Driftin’ Away[4], All In TimeEncore: One More Wicked, Cruel Summer[5][1] debut, Jumpin’ Jack Flash (The Rolling Stones) + White Wedding (Billy Idol) + Party All The Time (Eddie Murphy) mash-up[2] with The Force Theme (Star Wars) (John Williams) and Rhiannon (Fleetwood Mac) teases[3] with Halloween theme (Carpenter) teases[4] debut, Drift Away (Dobie Gray) + Feel Like Making Love (Bad Company) + Royals (Lorde) mash-up[5] debut, Wicked Game (Chris Isaak) + Cruel Summer (Bananarama) + One More Time (Daft Punk) mash-upNotes:Band costumes: Brendan was Cyprus Hillary Clinton, Jake was Hil Billy Idol, Joel was Ken Bone Thugs & Harmony, Andy was Ronald McDonald Trump, Kris was Daft Steam Punk, and Ryan was Zonkey Load remaining imageslast_img

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