Widespread persistent thickening of the East Antarctic Ice Sheet by freezing from the base

first_imgAn International Polar Year aerogeophysical investigation of the high interior of East Antarctica reveals widespread freeze-on that drives substantial mass redistribution at the bottom of the ice sheet. Although the surface accumulation of snow remains the primary mechanism for ice sheet growth, beneath Dome A, 24% of the base by area is frozen-on ice. In some places, up to half of the ice thickness has been added from below. These ice packages result from the conductive cooling of water ponded near the Gamburtsev Subglacial Mountain ridges and the supercooling of water forced up steep valley walls. Persistent freeze-on thickens the ice column, alters basal ice rheology and fabric, and upwarps the overlying ice sheet, including the oldest atmospheric climate archive, and drives flow behavior not captured in present models.last_img read more

Andy Murray recovers to defeat Adrian Mannarino at the US Open

first_imgAndy Murray has booked his place in the US Open third round with a stunning comeback from two sets down against Adrian Mannarino.Andy Murray has rallied from two sets down in the heat and humidity of New York to see off a spirited challenge from France’s Adrian Mannarino For two sets, the French challenger confounded Murray with brilliant shotmaking and smart serving.The uncompromising aggression was simply too much for Murray to handle, as the diminutive tore holes through Murray’s famous defence. Such was the Frenchman’s dominance, by the time the third set rolled around, Mannarino had accumilated ten times as many forehand winners as Murray.However, the Scot kept his composure and waited the Frenchman out. As the third set came around, the searing heat and humidity began to take its toll on the small Frenchman. Whilst the challenger hit the wall, the former US Open champion soared and never looked back.In each of the final three sets, the Scot broke his opponent’s serve within Mannarino’s first two service games of each set. It was as convincing a recovery from such a score can be, and he happily marched to victory.Murray will face Brazilian clay court specialist Thomaz Bellucci in the third round. –Follow Joy Sports on Twitter: @Joy997FM. Our hashtag is #JoySportslast_img read more


first_imgThe success of last week’s Oireachtas na Samhna in Letterkenny brought pride to the people of Donegal, but particularly those involved in its organisation. One such woman is Caitlín Uí Chochláin. Well known throughout Donegal for her enthusiasm for the Irish language, as Comhordaitheoir Gaeilge An Rannóg Pobal agus Fiontar Comhairle Chontae Dhún na nGall, Caitlín is a face many of us recognize from such successful endeavours as the Oireachtas and is this week’s choice for ‘My Donegal’.What is your favourite place in Donegal and why? Bunbeg in Gaoth Dobhair is definitely my favourite place in County Donegal. I have great childhood memories of my family and neighbours, especially the older people who are long gone from this world. I learnt magical music and stories from them about the area that have proven invaluable to me in my own education, interests and grounding for a good life. The rugged coastline along Bunbeg has a lot of secrets in its nooks and crannies!If you could change one thing about Donegal what would it be?I would love Donegal to go back to nature and to its language, especially. Who is the one person you look up to in Donegal and why?Errigal is the ‘God’ of Donegal. It can be seen almost anywhere in its various shapes and forms, depending on the aspect that you approach it by.Daniel O Donnell or Packie Bonner?Both are lovely, down to earth ambassadors for Donegal…along with Mairéad Ní Mhaonaigh, Máire Ní Bhraonáin, Lisa Mc Hugh, the Donegal football team and loads of others who represent Donegal all over the world.What has been Donegal’s proudest moment in recent years?Winning the All Ireland on 23rd September 2012 definitely!What has been Donegal’s saddest moment? Emigration causes great sadness but the saddest in my life were the boat disasters around the coast in 1970s and 1980s.What is your favourite Donegal-made product?I love the arts and crafts by Donegal artists such as Marina Hamilton.Who is Donegal’s greatest ambassador around the world and why? Moya Brennan, Máiréad Ní Mhaonaigh and Daniel O ‘Donnell. So many people visit Donegal just to see where they hail from.Who is Donegal’s most successful businessperson/people in your opinion?Hoteliers who own their own hotels.Who is your favourite Donegal sportsperson of all time?Shay Given.What is your favourite Donegal restaurant?Teach Chillín Darach (Danny Minnie’s) in Annagry.Donegal’s golden eagles or basking sharks?An tIolar Rua.Your nomination for Donegal’s most stylish person?Caoimhe Ní Chathail.What is your favourite Donegal expression or saying?Caidé mar atá tú?What is your favourite Donegal food?Fresh fish.If you had one million euro to spend on improving something in Donegal what would it be?Open up the railway routes for walking & cycling to explore the beauty of parts of the county that our generation have never seen.If you could bring tourists to one attraction in Donegal what would it be?Sliabh Liaig.Donegal’s beaches or mountains?Innishinny’s beaches.Is there anything that annoys you about Donegal or its people?Nothing at all – great people.MY DONEGAL …..WITH IRISH LANGUAGE ENTHUSIAST CAITLIN UI CHOCHLAIN was last modified: November 9th, 2012 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:Caitlin Ui ChochlainMY DONEGALlast_img read more

Lancaster’s annual yuletide parade scheduled for today

first_img AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREBlues bury Kings early with four first-period goals The theme is “An Old Fashion Yuletide Celebration.” The parade will start at 10 a.m. on Lancaster Boulevard at 10th Street West. The parade will roll west along Lancaster Boulevard to Division Street. Lancaster’s downtown holiday season started Friday night with the annual Hospitality Walk, during which the boulevard was closed to traffic to make room for hayrides, carolers and other entertainment. Christmas trees in front of businesses were decorated by local schoolchildren and will be given to needy local families. In Rosamond, some 30 illuminated floats, vehicles and other entries will take part tonight in the annual Parade of Lights. LANCASTER – Despite Friday’s rain, mostly sunny skies are predicted in time for Lancaster’s annual Christmas parade today through downtown. More than 150 entries are registered, including more than two dozen marching bands. “We’re supposed to be having a sunny day … It’s going to be a fantastic parade. It’s one of the largest we’ve had in a long time,” said Antelope Valley Chambers of Commerce President Steve Malicott. The parade will feature floats created by local businesses, churches and other organizations; car clubs in classic or customized vehicles; drill teams; marching youth groups; bands; and Santa Claus, at the end. Rosamond’s parade will start at 6 p.m. today on Diamond Street, south of Rosamond Boulevard. Entertainment will start at 5:30 p.m. 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img read more

The Nature of Nature’s “Darwin 200”

first_imgAs could be expected for yesterday’s Darwin Day February 12, Nature devoted almost its entire 2/12/09 issue to Charles Darwin with at least 20 Darwin-related articles.  The caption for the special edition states,The latest edition of Nature to celebrate Darwin’s life and work looks at the human side of evolution.  We have features on looking for Darwin in the genome, and on what evolution has done to shape human nature, while our editorial and two commentaries look at some of the problems inherent in applying biology to questions about humanity.  We also have an essay on Darwin’s pigeons and poetry by his great great grand-daughter Ruth Padel.  And in a special insight we bring together reviews by a range of experts on current hot topics in evolution.One can safely assume that this issue in the world’s leading science journal, written by scientists for scientists, published in Darwin’s homeland, represents the best defense of evolutionary thought available today on this special occasion of Darwin’s Bicentennial.  Most of these articles are available online at a special page of Nature News.In order to cut to the chase without getting bogged down in analysis of every claim in every article, let’s focus on what really matters: is Darwinism true?  Is it established, beyond reasonable doubt, by evidence, that humans have bacteria ancestors?  Major on majors.  The only Darwinian claim of concern is whether all life descended from one or a few single-celled organisms (and most Darwinists claim also from nonliving chemicals) via chance variation and unguided natural selection.  Even young-earth creationists incorporate a lot of microevolution in their views.  That means all of the following points are mere distractions:Whether Darwin’s beard made him look like Moses.Whether he was a good pigeon breeder and field naturalist.Whether Darwin impacted culture, politics, religion, philosophy, and science.Whether creationist opponents have a religious agenda.Whether Darwin felt God wouldn’t have created life the way we find it.Whether intelligent design proponents lost at Dover.Whether microevolution and “change over time” occurs.Whether some species have gone extinct.Whether Darwin’s voyage on the Beagle makes a nice adventure story.Whether scientists have good imaginations.Whether video libraries are loaded with highly-animated documentaries teaching Darwin’s ideas.Whether Darwinians are good at bluffing that the evidence for evolution is overwhelming.Whether evolutionary biologists are good at promising to deliver their vaporware on back order.Whether it was wrong for U of Leiden to slash their evolutionary biology budget.Whether evolutionists publish in peer-reviewed journals and creationists don’t can’t.Whether Darwin was a proper British gentleman of basically honest character.Whether Darwin disliked slavery.Whether Darwin was buried in a church and has received adulation from religious people.Whether a scientific consensus exists that Darwin was a secular god.None of that matters.  You’ve got to stay focused on the central issue in any debate, and the central issue here is whether Darwinism is true.  If it has been falsified, if it is self-refuting, or has after 150 years failed to deliver on its scientific pretensions, then who cares about these other things?  The interpretation and significance of all those things would change if Darwinism were disqualified as science.  It makes an interesting story, that’s all.    OK, so here is our rapid-fire baloney detection exercise.  Picture an intelligent alien reading these articles.  He (or it) is highly educated, skilled in philosophy and logic, and respectful of observation and experiment, but unfamiliar with Darwin’s hypothesis that humans (and aliens) have bacteria ancestors through a long process of impersonal selection of chance variations.  Our alien friend finds this proposition somewhat dubious at the outset, but being an amiable chap of sound character and discernment, is willing to judge the evidence in support of it.  What Would Alien Do?  Here goes:Editorial:  No evidence here, but lots of morality.  Notable quote: “The history of arguments about humanity based on biology – both Darwin’s biology and that of others who have come after – provides a sorry rehearsal of pretexts and apologias for everything from unthinking prejudice to forced sterilization and genocide.”  Did you hear that, Eugenie?  Richard Weikart could have said that.  There’s an even worse Darwin-damaging quote later (see below).The other strand:  Irrelevant.  History of Wallace, speculation, guesswork, controversy, futureware.  Notable quote: “No real silver bullet has emerged to say, ‘This is the human uniqueness gene’.” Human nature: the remix.  The blind leading the blind; with some leaving the pack and stumbling around elsewhere.  Controversy, things that are “poorly understood,” speculation, disagreement over definitions; confusion of observations with causes.  Nothing solid.A flight of fancy:  Asks whether history would have been written differently “had Charles Darwin given in to pressure from his publisher to rewrite Origin of Species into a popular book about pigeons.”  Disqualified; irrelevant speculation.  Notable quote: “At every page, I was tantalized by the absence of the proofs” – Whitwell Elwin, on examining a pre-publication draft of The Origin.Dutch U slashes evolution staff.  Who cares?  Lots of people are getting laid off these days.  Go get a real job.Debate over IQ and rebuttal.  Only a scientism-ist would think this question belongs in science.  Irrelevant to Darwin.Darwin’s Sacred Cause book review:  Dud.  Darwin’s personal morality is irrelevant to his hypothesis.Poetry by Darwin’s great-great-granddaughter:  Move this to English Lit.Jerry Coyne’s book review on freaks of nature:  Freaky, but no help to Charlie; just an intramural squabble over evo-devo vs “orthodoxy.”  Move this to Comparative Religion.  Notable quote: “In the end, the problem with these explanations is not so much that they are wrong, or of no potential importance in evolution.  Rather, it is that Blumberg gives the impression that they are established truths rather than hypotheses that have remained unconfirmed for three decades.”  Speak for yourself, Jerry.Segmental duplications research:  A live one?  Similarities in primate genes would only convince the converted.  Circular reasoning.  Appeals to convergent evolution, and other Darwin-incestuous assumptions.Mammoth genome:  Nothing about Darwin; more circular reasoning and futureware.Unnatural selection:  Whether humans are causing unnatural evolutionary changes by hunting.  Aren’t humans claimed to be products of natural selection, too?  Technical foul; borrows Christian morality.Henry Gee:  Just a Gee-whiz hymn of praise to Darwin over the simplicity of his theory.  Simple, or simplistic?  The Stuff Happens Law is simple and explains a lot, too (09/15/2008 commentary).Natural selection 150 years on:  Mark Pagels’ history of the tweaks to Darwin’s theory to keep it in sync with observations.  The Gumby defense doesn’t cut it in science (01/23/2009).  This article is full of Tinker Bell, Stuff Happens, paradox, controversy, Happy happy Darwin, the power of suggestion and “a theory moving with the times.”  Honk if you found anything substantive here.Origin of arthropods:  Cambrian explosion, imaginary emergence, futureware.  Notable quote: “Arthropods emerged near the base of the Cambrian.”  No plausible transitions in the Precambrian.  Instant complexity.  Game over!  OK, Darwinism disqualified; time to celebrate across town at the other Bicentennial. Shubin, Tabin, Carroll on “Deep homology and the origins of evolutionary novelty.”  Why are we still playing this game when Darwinism has already fouled out?  For the overkill perhaps.  This is all homology arguments, Darwin praise, Tiktaalik (Shubin pushes his fish-a-pod everywhere he goes), beetle horns (microevolution), co-option, tree-thinking, parallel evolution, and the whole Darwinian toolkit of circular explanatory gimmicks, using evolution to prove evolution (05/25/2005 commentary).Beagle in a bottle:  Experimental evolution – this should be good, some real, experimental science!  But it’s all microevolution, artificial selection, controversial kin selection and other model-dependent traps like co-evolution, the Stuff Happens Law and weird science like the evolvability of evolution.  Nice try.  Give them a courtesy clap for at least considering five serious caveats and criticisms.Adaptive radiation:  Island diversity, finch beaks, the role of contingency (Stephen Jay Gould vs Simon Conway Morris), controversy over sympatry and allopatry, extinction, circular reasoning, exceptions to every rule.  Fails to deliver on this empty promise: “A particularly powerful approach is to combine studies of ongoing natural selection and microevolutionary change with phylogenetic analyses of evolutionary patterns in deeper, macroevolutionary, time, an approach that in some cases can even be experimental.”  (Notice that the macroevolutionary time was assumed, not demonstrated.)  Macroevolution not demonstrable in any non-question-begging way.  For Science Magazine’s problem with adaptive radiation, see 02/10/2009, bullet 4.Darwin’s bridge between microevolution and macroevolution by Reznick and Ricklefs:  The hyped title fails to deliver.  Question-begging generalities, the Gumby defense (evolutionary theory keeps getting modified to fit the observations), gaps galore, and futureware everywhere.  Quote-miners can find some good ones here to embarrass Charlie worshipers!  Like, “Macroevolution posed a problem to Darwin because his principle of descent with modification predicts gradual transitions between small-scale adaptive changes in populations and these larger-scale phenomena, yet there is little evidence for such transitions in nature.  Instead, the natural world is often characterized by gaps, or discontinuities.”  By the end of the article, you realize that nothing Darwin suggested 150 years ago about the origin of species has been confirmed!  It’s still vaporware on back order.Plant domestication:  Artificial selection is intelligent design.  Irrelevant.  Appeals to co-evolution, parallel evolution and futureware would not convince a young-earth creationist who accepts microevolution and variation anyway.What we find are endless exercises in imagineering brought about by Charlie’s research program that provided job security for storytellers.  The few appeals to empirical support require willing suspension of disbelief and heavy imports of Judeo-Christian values.  The Editorial ended, surprisingly, with more praise for Lincoln than for Darwin.  Listen carefully:The scientific enterprise as a whole has to pay particular heed to the risk that preconceptions will creep in whenever what is being said about human nature has political or social implications.    This is particularly the case when science begins to look, as moral psychology is doing, at the mechanisms by which people make decisions about right or wrong.  Here it becomes peculiarly hard – and at the same time especially important – to resist the ‘naturalistic fallacy’ of inferring what ought to be from what is.  Science may be able to tell us why some values are more easily held than others.  But it cannot tell us whether taking the easy path in terms of which values we espouse is the right thing to do.    In fact, it provides us with a worked example to the contrary.  The scientific endeavour itself is founded on values which natural selection would have seemed unlikely to foist on a bunch of violent, gregarious upright apes.  Science tries to place no trust in authority; to some extent, society has to.  Science tries to define its membership on the basis of inclusion, rather than exclusion; work on altruism suggests, worryingly, that communities more normally need an outgroup to form against.  Science insists on the value of truth even when it is inconvenient or harmful; most people’s beliefs tend to reinforce their self-interest.     In this unnaturalness lies the great strength of science.  It is from this it derives its power as a way of understanding the world.  And this is also what allows it, at its best, to resist, not reinforce, mores and prejudices that pose as truths of nature.  This demanding, artificial code is what gives engaged, passionate and all-too-fallible human beings the collective power to produce results that are dispassionate, objective and reliable.  And if science stays true to that code, it can act as a stern restraint on anyone seeking to go from the study of how people evolved to conclusions about how they should be treated now – to go, that is, against the values that both Darwin and Lincoln espoused.    Science can never prove humans alike in dignity, or equally deserving under the law; that is a truth that cannot be discovered.  Like the ideals of malice towards none and charity towards all, it is something that must be made real through communal will.Wow!  Science is unnatural.  Does that mean it is supernatural?  Where did it cross the line, if nature is all there is?  Pray tell, Mr. Darwin, how you get truth, right, moral codes, equality, charity and values from screeching apes or mutations in a primitive cell.  Morality cannot emerge from mechanism.  The editors of Nature are apparently oblivious to the fact that, by espousing eternal truths and values, they have just falsified evolutionary naturalism.  Thanks for saving us a lot of work.  It would be nice to call in them for support in the altruistic fights against genocide, eugenics, communism and abortion.    Whew, what a disaster.  OK, now that the Darwin-Party-sponsored Darwin Party is over, help clean up the mess as we move Charlie’s cubicle from the Science Department to the History Department.(Visited 8 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Case Study: After Effects Rigging with a Segmented Puppet

first_imgInterested in creating animations in After Effects?  This video tutorial shows you a real-world case study of a complex character rig in AE.  Learn how to modify elements and create realistic motion.If you’re an After Effects newbie you may want to turn back now – this tutorial is not for the faint of heart!  Video production company e.d. Films is taking you along as they create an animated short using Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere Pro and Pro Tools.  In this tutorial you’ll see how one of the main characters in their project, Rocket Randee, is animated using complex rigging in After Effects.Although the After Effects rigging in this example is quite complex, the great thing about this tutorial is that Daniel from e.d. Films has provided the project file for you to experiment with.  The key to creating and understanding complex character rigging in After Effects is getting your hands dirty with an actual project.  You’ll see how to control the movement of the puppet elements, from walking and motion down to more minute details like controlling breathing.Anyone interested in rigging in After Effects will be well served to check out the tutorial and download the corresponding project file.  Dissect the structure of the puppet, seeing how the different layers work with one another (nulls, childs, parents) to create organic looking movement.  Thanks for sharing Daniel!Check out e.d. Films to download the project file.last_img read more

New 360 Video Effects in After Effects and Premiere Pro CC 2018

first_imgCheck out the new Immersive Video effects in After Effects and Premiere Pro CC 2018 in this tutorial. Including free 360 footage!Adobe has been committed to offering content creators more options when it comes to editing 360 video and VR content. Adobe backed up that commitment this year by acquiring the SkyBox 360/VR plug-ins from Mettle. The SkyBox plug-ins are a staple for many 360 content creators working in After Effects and Premiere Pro. Adobe recently integrated the 360/VR effects into After Effects and Premiere Pro CC 2018, and the effects have been relabeled under what is now called “Immersive Video.” In this tutorial, we are going to explore the basics of these new Immersive Video effects for 360/VR footage.You can quickly toggle all of the 360/VR Immersive Video effects in After Effects and Premiere Pro by simply searching “VR” in the effects list. All of the 360 effects have “VR” in the name, so this makes them easy to identify. The VR effects range from basic utility effects, seamless post effects, and unique stylization and filter effects.The two most popular Immersive Video effects will almost certainly be the VR Rotate Sphere effect and the VR Plane to Sphere effect. The VR Rotate Sphere effect allows you to seamlessly reorient your equirectangular 360 footage. It is also perfect for leveling your 360 footage horizon line. You can use the VR Plane to Sphere effect to add text, logos, and any 2D layer into your 360 video, ensuring that the layer will look correct in VR.Ready? Let’s dive into the tutorial. (Make sure you download the free 360 footage clips to follow along!) Download the FREE 360 Video FootageTo download the two free 360 footage clips mentioned in the tutorial, simply click the following download button.DOWNLOAD NOW!Adobe has also included some new advanced Immersive Video tools in After Effects CC 2018, such as VR Comp Editor, and new composition options like Create VR Environment and Extract Cubemap. I’ll explore these tools more in a future tutorial.Additionally, if you would like to check out a 360 video created with these tools, take a look at the Half-Mile Zipline 360 Video mentioned in the tutorial. Looking for more video tutorials? Check out the following.Capture Live Events Like a Pro with These Simple RulesAnimate Your Text With Handwriting Motion GraphicsSpeed Up Your Sequences with The Jump CutHow To Create A Stunning Custom Title Sequence + Free Ink SplashesGrip Tricks: Do-It-Yourself Camera Rigslast_img read more

20 hours agoWoodward’s suddenly talking: Why it’s good for Man Utd & fans

first_imgTagsTransfersOpinionAbout the authorChris BeattieShare the loveHave your say Woodward’s suddenly talking: Why it’s good for Man Utd & fansby Chris Beattie20 hours agoSend to a friendShare the loveCOMMENT: The timing couldn’t have been worse. He’d set himself up for a right hammering. Mockery. Scorn. Take your pick. This decision from Ed Woodward to go public for the first time in his six years in charge at Manchester United was, ahem, courageous…But in the end fortune, inevitably, favoured the brave. That interview with the United We Stand fanzine. Just weeks after a lengthy and open address to shareholders. It was no PR job. If it had been, the publishing and roll out of it would not have happened over the past week. And thanks to a strong performance from the players against runaway leaders Liverpool on Sunday, there was little room for the cynics to pore over and twist Woodward’s words into another never before considered reason why United are in the state that it is.Of course a thumping at home – and to the club’s most bitter of rivals – could’ve led to a very different reaction. But it can be argued the backlash would not have been as bad as anything that flashed across Woodward’s mind.So the message to United’s vice-chairman exec should be: more of the same please. As mentioned, Woodward has said more publicly in the past month than the support have heard from him for the past six years. And the club, the fans and their relationship are better for it. After Woodward’s conference with United shareholders last month, this column encouraged him to speak more publicly. Our idea was a regular spot on the club’s in-house TV channel. But he went one better.Bypassing the media. Ducking their filter. Woodward went straight to the most valuable stakeholders of them all. And reading through the interview, it appears next to nothing was off limits.And the result is – or at least should be – a far happier supporter base and a less tense atmosphere around the club. Woodward did go into detail – deep detail – on various topics: the overhaul of the scouting team, the position of the Glazers, even the three-year scouting process of Daniel James. And fans should be examining everything carefully. Woodward was effectively giving you the blueprint of what United are now working from.Mistakes had been made. Problems had been allowed to grow, “…recruitment wasn’t at its best in recent years”. But a line’s now been drawn. The plan has been drawn up and put into action. The gist of it being, as this column’s sources have insisted since Christmas, United are going back to their roots. Their traditions.Discussing the prototype of today’s Manchester United signing, Woodward echoed the words of Dave McPherson, the former Hearts and Rangers captain, when discussing with this column the players of his era. It was about being “humble, but arrogant too”. In other words, United are rightly looking back to go forward.As Woodward said, “…we want players to come in who respect their teammates, the club, the history. They must understand that they are creating a legacy by coming to Manchester United. Nobody is bigger than the club.”There should be both a humbleness and an arrogance. Humble when you are on the team coach and you wear the club suit, you do up your top button and wear your tie, you represent the club in the right way. Then you sign autographs for the people who pay your wages.”Then, when you go into the dressing room, you put the red shirt on and you feel arrogant, self assured.”Essentially, Woodward was putting a bit more meat on the bones he offered shareholders – as it should be. And as much as the support can feel a little better about knowing the club’s plans; by being so open about their new approach Woodward also helps his manager in his work.Just as he did on that conference call, Woodward spelt out the reasons for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s appointment and the board’s expectations. Which are fundamentally based around the long-term.”As Michael Carrick said in his book, you want to take the ball, you want the ball in tight spaces, you want a never-say-die spirit. Ole has brought a lot of the discipline back,” said Woodward, revealing he had actually read the recently released book of United’s assistant coach.“Whatever manager we have has to buy into that philosophy and Ole is a walking, talking version of that. Let’s let this play out with Ole in terms of the culture reboot.” Which effectively puts paid to all that talk about Max Allegri’s English lessons. The situation around Mauricio Pochettino and Tottenham. Plus any old tenuous link between United and the likes of Thomas Tuchel, Julian Nagelsmann et al. The stories will be raised and floated. But they’ll also have a hollow ring to them. All thanks to Woodward’s words. Again, the club is in a better state thanks to the vice-chairman going public.This interview was a service to the support. Every United fan that reads it is better informed and has a more clear understanding of where the club wants to go. It may’ve been courageous, but it was needed.And no matter the timing or circumstances Woodward – for the good of Manchester United – needs to do more of it. last_img read more

Man who killed RCMP officer appeals life sentence

first_imgAPTN National NewIn the Northwest Territories, the man who was convicted of shooting and killing a police officer was in court today to appeal his life sentence.Emrah Bulatci was convicted of first degree murder in the 2007 fatal shooting of Const. Christopher Worden.Bulatci’s lawyer appealed the conviction Tuesday saying secretly recorded conversations that Bulacti had while in custody should not have been used as evidence during his trial.The court of appeal heard arguments from Bulatci’s lawyer and the Crown.The judges will be issuing a written decision the appeal at a later date.last_img read more

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