Micro era marketing requirements more precise

era in the transformation, one after another, a new term began to come out, so that people have a lot of knowledge at the same time, but also to a lot of business marketing ushered in a new world. The "micro era", makes the operator more than ever care about the consumer’s personal experience and practical interests, and through a series of "micro platform" to carry out precision marketing, to attract more customers.

with the quickening pace of life, everyone wants to get the most useful information in the shortest possible time. How to accurately grasp the customer’s psychology, targeted to push the service content and other information? This is a question worthy of consideration of all operators. The micro era marketing, focusing on participation, interaction, utility and sharing. read more

Choose the first step to learn how to recruit these businesses

hot food and beverage industry, so many entrepreneurs want to make a profit in this market, and for the layman entrepreneurs, if there is any shortcut to join the chain to become more people’s choice. When more entrepreneurs are still faced with do not know how to choose the project and a headache.

words do not say, dry goods!

interest and ability

first interest, if you have no interest in food and beverage, then, I really suggest that you do not enter the line, because in the end, there is no interest, it will be catering as a business. The food and beverage, is very interested in, otherwise, only business, suffer the guests, finally, is their own. read more

joined the policy which the Malatang

whether in the city or in the township area of Malatang is a popular delicacy, a variety of different line strings so that each consumer love are not released, the development of the times change makes the different brand Malatang project market, these brands, my Malatang is this dark field just a few years, popular in the city all the alley.

I have what

Malatang joining policy

The new

Laoniang Catering Management Co., Ltd. was founded in November 2012, headquartered in the beautiful scenery, strong cultural atmosphere of the Suzhou. The company since the beginning of the establishment, established a foothold in Suzhou, to the country "brand development strategy, vigorously promote its self catering brand" Laoniang malatang". With the brand solid foundation and excellent operation team, "Laoniang Malatang" after several years of rapid development, now has more than and 300 stores in all regions of the country. Yu Laoniang Catering Management Co., adhere to the win-win idea of the market, trying to provide the franchisee to provide easy, fast and efficient service to join. From the initial opening to join the marketing, to provide full technical guidance for the analysis we have every franchisee, helping them to avoid risks, to realize their dreams. Such a good brand, join the policy is what? read more

Open milk tea shop which entrepreneurs need to guard against taboo

small business investment and has now become a lot of people love the way, at the same time, the social life, there are a lot of young entrepreneurs began eyeing the investment project of small entrepreneurial wealth, which a tea shop is a very good way.

This is a small

read more

Science and technology exhibition help entrepreneurial talent

science and technology exhibition can be said to be a good platform for entrepreneurs of science and technology, but also a good opportunity for business investment, in the wave of innovation and entrepreneurship, science and technology exhibition can help entrepreneurs realize their dreams.

2016 in March 26th, the prime minister in Hainan, highly appreciated by the university students have invented coconut shells, and encourage young entrepreneurs to do innovative and creative representatives. Planning by the national innovation and development strategy of the achievements of contemporary science and Technology Innovation Exhibition Organizing Committee to see this news, the first time to contact Ceng Nanchun, buy patents to 1 million yuan, and will assist in the development of a new generation of products, at the same time in the contemporary science and technology innovation exhibition Shanghai Hongqiao demonstration Museum site is open to the public. read more

The electronic commerce company was founded less than half Kuangzhuan 1 million

as long as you find the right project, overnight is not really a myth. Recently, the spread of online female college students to do poineering work for the first half of the year to earn 10 million of the hero to accept an interview with reporters, she really is in the half a year to create tens of millions of dollars in income, or someone premeditated, deliberately hype? Let’s take a look at the truth.

"our school has a graduate this summer girl, very cow, her e-commerce company founded less than half a year, will earn 1 million, that do brand clothing network marketing."

7 want to start things at the beginning of the month just graduated from the girls Zhao mud, and compared to other entrepreneurs, is the first step, from the second to the present, Zhao has opened two mud company, not just founded e-commerce company has been for half a year. The profit of nearly one million yuan. While in school juniors are considered her entrepreneurial idol, when companies are on the upgrade, Zhao mud began their study section of the road, although the daily work a lot of pressure, but still found time to prepare Ni Zhao Fudan University postgraduate exam advertising. read more

Operating restaurant according to the lot selection type

is now operating more and more restaurants business, if you want to join the army, then you need to know what business skills? Xiao Bian today to share with you in different locations to choose different food and beverage related knowledge, I hope to help you, you can look at the interest.

1. if the operators choose to operate restaurants near the station, the main customer base is the passengers, including workers, students, etc.. In this lot is the most suitable for the establishment of fast food restaurants, and carefully deal with the pricing problem, to be divided into different objects and different. Such as the Chengdu snacks, Lihua Fast Food etc.. read more

Operating a jewelry store to maintain a good state of mind is very important

would like to open a home jewelry store to make money, people will usually tell you what to prepare for the opening, how much to set the cost of business, business skills are also taught to you, in fact, open a jewelry store, with a good mood is very important.

operating jewelry stores want to business success, we must first seize the customer, reputation for the guests. It is the biggest key to long-term operation, as the owner of the jewelry store if you can really, carefully concerned about each guest, in order to continuously become a guest. read more

What are the steps to open women’s beauty salon

beauty of everyone there, especially for some of the beauty of women, a place where beauty salons into them often visit at the same time, there are a lot of women’s beauty health club business is very hot in fact.

tips! read more

Entrepreneurship in the frontier of the motherland — Xinjiang entrepreneurs say

Since 2014,

proposed double slogan since Chinese entered a hitherto unknown entrepreneurial era, in the collaborative efforts of the whole society, all have achieved good business results. In 2015 Xinjiang issued the "Autonomous Region Party committee of the Autonomous Region People’s Government on further promoting the employment of the opinion" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"), by building a platform to further stimulate employment and entrepreneurship, innovation and entrepreneurship in Xinjiang. read more

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