Ningxia the development of tourism industry to return home to open business

Ningxia tourism economy has been growing steadily, in recent years, the tourism industry has become a new extension of the rich hot spots. For home entrepreneurs, this is a good investment with local characteristics.

"80, 90 young people a lot of good ideas, the tourism industry can provide them with enough space to play, extending the industry will be a important world of young entrepreneurs." Municipal CPPCC members, Ningxia Yi Yi Li art culture Co. Ltd. union leader Li Jian proposed that Yinchuan should focus on building the tourism industry through the extension products, increase the added value of tourism products, tourism attractions around the extension project, so that more young people have the space to play. read more

Jewelry can also be environmentally friendly investment in eco jewelry to make crazy

with the increasingly serious environmental problems, and now the major industries are to the concept of green environmental protection, jewelry industry is now. Now with environmental protection and ecological jewelry more and more attention by consumers. Miss Mao, who lives in Luohu, in the subway shops opened a jewelry store, franchise all kinds of ecological jewelry, she believes that the flowers and small fish can add life to the smart and fun. Open jewelry store operations for three months, she is full of aura of these goods are also popular, attracting a lot of customers.

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2015 money is difficult to make eight investment traps to pay attention to

my colleagues have a famous saying: this year, although not last year, but will be stronger than next year. If you use it in today’s investment areas, it is very appropriate. 2014 money is hard to earn, but in 2015 will be more difficult.

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Hebei the opinions of double activity policy issued

want to smooth and successful entrepreneurship cannot do without a superior business environment, under the call of the central government, all levels of government have introduced a number of policies to support and stimulate the masses of entrepreneurial activity, to create a relaxed, open and active innovation environment.

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Several rules to start making money

to make money is a lot of people’s lifelong aspirations, but can really say that they earn enough money but not a few people, because this society, money is not good. In fact, there are rules to make money, you want to increase the possibility of making money, it is necessary to grasp the rules!

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Yuanlu sushi why popular

in the service industry how to do to win the favor of consumers? This is a lot of food and beverage operators have to consider the most important issue, in fact, say on a problem, is to study consumer psychology, how to try to meet consumer demand is the most critical place. This point Yuanlu sushi do very well. Yuanlu sushi reasonable price and thoughtful service to attract a large number of customers, the environment is very elegant, not crowded, do not wait for a long time the seat has a very good reputation in the consumer, in every sushi shop to join customers crowds, but also a lot of people really want to join the brand, Yuanlu sushi join read more

The street was threatened to hang a Dagger Knife pornography

The problem of compensation for

demolition compensation has been a common social problem in our country, which has not been solved effectively. Recently, a net posts broke the door was a terrorist threat, the police have been involved in the investigation of the matter.

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How to open a pet shop location is the key

many people like to keep pets, and with the improvement of living standards, more and more pet owners, business highlights. Therefore, investing in a pet shop is now a lot of people choose. So, how to open a pet shop? Here are some tips to open a pet shop.

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Shandong 150 thousand entrepreneurial government issued a subsidy of 80 million

in today’s society, rapid economic development today, entrepreneurship has also been pushed on the agenda at the same time, the society has a lot of young entrepreneurs who are actively engaged in a series of business activities, Shandong for entrepreneurs recently issued a one-time subsidy.

the slowdown in economic growth and has no effect on the process of improving people’s livelihood, according to statistics, the first half of this year the province’s local public budget revenue growth of 9.15 and 12% respectively, the government for the people’s livelihood expenditure of total expenditure accounted for 78 .  7%. These expenditures are reflected in what areas? From the point of view of a start-up company, look at the changes in the past six months. read more

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