How to open a profitable milk tea store

now has a lot of young people in the business often prefer to open a tea shop, but now also appeared on the market a lot of tea brand stores, there is fierce competition in the market, how to open a tea shop to make money?

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What steps are needed to drive a car 4S shop

car 4S shop to go what process? Many investors have confidence in the project. But it’s not easy to shop, you need to be ready to start. The following small series to share some of the business processes, I hope to help you.

A, apply the basic qualifications: preliminary review of qualified operators and legitimate business documents; with relevant experience is preferred; the operator must have a good business reputation; have financial strength and financing ability; but also for the right to use construction land to store (located in the main road traffic car, suitable for the surrounding environment). read more

13th Five-Year plan proposed to further promote public entrepreneurship peoples innovation

The end of the

NPC and CPPCC, 2016 officially in China development process, see the "13th Five-Year" plan, see Chinese development blueprint. The following is a detailed content sharing, followed by Xiaobian look at it!

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ntroduction to the development of Yang Guofu

China as the world’s populous country, with a population of 1/4 of the world’s population, every day so many Chinese people living on the earth, to eat, to drink water. Every day, like the catering market staged a gluttonous feast in general, the great consumption of amazing, can be seen in its market prospects. The best way is the fastest way to join the venture capital investment, the first thing to do is to choose the project? So what is a good choice of small projects for you recommend Harbin Yang Guofu hot and spicy. read more

The way to make a fortune with pumpkin

The pumpkin is

in our daily life often have in common, is indispensable in our daily life, do not look like ordinary vegetables, but there is a huge opportunity, there is a huge market, the following may wish to look at the features of the pumpkin together with the fortune of the road!

he took, the gold rush dream from Hebei rural South to Guangzhou, all with a pumpkin dream; he carries the ideas, along the way, a pumpkin top sold for 8000 yuan, 4 years to earn 3 million; he is Zhang Baowei.

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How to open shop name

shop name can be more than just for the store, the shop also needs a proper name. However, a lot of people to the store: there are many methods to the shop name is one of the fog. So, how to open the shop name?

when we open a new shop, want to make their names big, nice and can let a person remember immediately. But you may think of the name of other shop sellers also think, how to be different from others.


, veteran to let a novice shop name.

now want to make money online novice first step Wangzhuan road estimates are open shop, see a lot of shops opened earn hundreds of thousands, just like losing weight or even violence products, January January some sellers earn about 200000 yuan, the novice looked very envious on the choice of the shop. read more

How to master the skills of clothing

clothing to master the skills, it is very important, want to do a good job in clothing to join, grasp the opportunity, choose the right way, is conducive to entrepreneurship. Now the clothing industry has been unusually hot, so how to properly run their own clothing store? How to do a good job in the clothing store sales?

Women’s or

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White collar entrepreneurship common confusion

everyone has a dream of entrepreneurship, both want to prove their strength is the source of wealth in a big way, white-collar workers are certainly no exception, they will encounter some confusion about what, let’s take a look!

to don’t want to take any risk but want to taste the taste of business office workers, may wish to try part-time.

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What are the resources of middle-aged entrepreneurs

a lot of people in the young people have no chance to start a business, to the middle of the time before the entrepreneurial courage. In fact, as long as the investment is ready to do, what age does not matter. Middle aged entrepreneurs have four advantages, make good use of the advantages of these four, may harvest a surprise!

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How to open a shop building materials store management

living standards continue to improve, but also let us pay more attention to the quality of life, buy a car is also very common, and now the economy has been very good development, more and more people have the ability to buy a house, buy a house after the renovation is the inevitable problem of everyone. Building materials market has also been an unprecedented development, has brought a broad market demand. There are a lot of entrepreneurs opened the building materials jewelry store, but in the management, or inadequate. So, how to open a building materials store management. read more

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