Nanjing civil servants hit me shouting ‘m rich

national civil servants as servants of the people, should play its role in the work, to enforce the law, abide by discipline, but such a civil servant in Nanjing recently broke gave people a role that covered with ash.

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How much money you need to open a mobile phone shop

mobile phone shop needs to invest in what areas? Investment funds for this important issue, many franchisees have shared their experience, if you want to shop success, then a lot of reference to prepare. Xiaobian share some basic information, I hope you can refer to.

profit channels to sell mobile phone number and pay the bill

"mobile phone repair shop sales revenue mainly from mobile phone number and mobile phone recharge payment business, mobile phone shop on what money? Open mobile phone repair shop in Zhengzhou City, Huayuan Road boss Lee said: open a mobile phone shop to what?" a mobile phone shop operating properly, at least a month can sell 100 mobile phone number this, at least $4000, through the management of payment prepaid business, but also from mobile and Unicom extracted 1000 yuan rebate." read more

Top ten brands of cigarettes

although the relevant smoking ban has been carried out in a wide range of cigarettes, however, has always been a very broad market, and the market is a very famous brand of rapid development. Moreover, the cigarette has a long history, a senior cigarette is made of good tobacco. A good cigarette brand is passed down through the history of the deposition. Now Xiaobian for everyone to introduce the top ten brands of cigarettes list.

cigarette ten brands list NO.1, China: was born in 1951, Shanghai city famous trademark, flue-cured tobacco, Shanghai tobacco Refco Group Ltd. read more

Which health products suitable for store sales

which health care products suitable for store sales? Not all health care products need to open the store sales. Health care products by age, can be divided into the elderly health care products, health care products for middle-aged people, health care products for young people. Today, the health care market continues to grow, highlighting the infinite business opportunities.

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nnovative ideas to open a new simulation fruit shop

fruit pendulum plate becomes a kind of decoration, a kind of fashion home accessories, the birth of the simulation of fruit has created a great opportunity to meet the people’s demand for creative home, convenient people’s lives.

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The king of old Li Guixin achievements make money dream buns

open a king of old-fashioned baozi Inn has always been Li Guixin’s dream of entrepreneurship, follow the development of the catering industry, to open a small business franchise is more realistic, let’s share, he is how to succeed.

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Hubei introduced exclusive custom entrepreneurship policy

now governments in promoting and encouraging entrepreneurship is still very strong, at the same time, in such a good business background, people’s entire business activities are also subject to a lot of people’s attention.

8 5 afternoon, the Hubei Provincial Government Information Office held a "public entrepreneurship, innovation" series press conference, released on the Hubei province "on the implementation of the views of the employment work under the new situation". According to the "opinions", Hubei [micro-blog] students, will receive 20 thousand yuan to 200 thousand yuan of free financial support; individual industrial and commercial households partnership loan amount up to 500 thousand yuan, and enjoy the full financial interest in the loan period. read more

How to avoid the temptation to open jewelry shop

The development speed of

jewelry industry is quite amazing, but many novice entrepreneurs will choose from a fashion jewelry factory started, and jewelry agency industry also has a certain degree of trap, Xiaobian now how to avoid in the jewelry industry to be analysed for everybody.

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Sichuan invested 40 million yuan unsecured unsecured unsecured loans

most of the young entrepreneurs of the financial strength is limited, that is, we usually say grassroots entrepreneurs. In order to help these grassroots entrepreneurs, Sichuan will invest 40 million yuan in 2016, three free funds.

It is reported that the
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How to open a spicy hot pot shop

shop catering for the novice, how to open a chain store is a big problem, because the franchise is a very complicated matter, if one step does not understand will be very upset, so Xiaobian to introduce you to the shop flow spicy pot.

1, store location: store location should be appropriate, in addition to the large business district, pedestrian street and other locations, according to the survey, in order to open in the vicinity of the school spicy hot pot franchise best operating results.

2, apply for a license: according to the general procedures for business license, also need to apply for health permits, health certificate. read more

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