The way to make a fortune with pumpkin

The pumpkin is

in our daily life often have in common, is indispensable in our daily life, do not look like ordinary vegetables, but there is a huge opportunity, there is a huge market, the following may wish to look at the features of the pumpkin together with the fortune of the road!

he took, the gold rush dream from Hebei rural South to Guangzhou, all with a pumpkin dream; he carries the ideas, along the way, a pumpkin top sold for 8000 yuan, 4 years to earn 3 million; he is Zhang Baowei.

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How to open shop name

shop name can be more than just for the store, the shop also needs a proper name. However, a lot of people to the store: there are many methods to the shop name is one of the fog. So, how to open the shop name?

when we open a new shop, want to make their names big, nice and can let a person remember immediately. But you may think of the name of other shop sellers also think, how to be different from others.


, veteran to let a novice shop name.

now want to make money online novice first step Wangzhuan road estimates are open shop, see a lot of shops opened earn hundreds of thousands, just like losing weight or even violence products, January January some sellers earn about 200000 yuan, the novice looked very envious on the choice of the shop. read more

How to master the skills of clothing

clothing to master the skills, it is very important, want to do a good job in clothing to join, grasp the opportunity, choose the right way, is conducive to entrepreneurship. Now the clothing industry has been unusually hot, so how to properly run their own clothing store? How to do a good job in the clothing store sales?

Women’s or

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White collar entrepreneurship common confusion

everyone has a dream of entrepreneurship, both want to prove their strength is the source of wealth in a big way, white-collar workers are certainly no exception, they will encounter some confusion about what, let’s take a look!

to don’t want to take any risk but want to taste the taste of business office workers, may wish to try part-time.

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What are the resources of middle-aged entrepreneurs

a lot of people in the young people have no chance to start a business, to the middle of the time before the entrepreneurial courage. In fact, as long as the investment is ready to do, what age does not matter. Middle aged entrepreneurs have four advantages, make good use of the advantages of these four, may harvest a surprise!

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How to open a shop building materials store management

living standards continue to improve, but also let us pay more attention to the quality of life, buy a car is also very common, and now the economy has been very good development, more and more people have the ability to buy a house, buy a house after the renovation is the inevitable problem of everyone. Building materials market has also been an unprecedented development, has brought a broad market demand. There are a lot of entrepreneurs opened the building materials jewelry store, but in the management, or inadequate. So, how to open a building materials store management. read more

Small to large camera effects on shop safety

products have been stolen any one of the shopkeepers have encountered, and shopkeepers are constantly looking for a solution. I have been in the tobacco and liquor store for seven or eight years, and I think it’s very important for me to feel safe, including the safety of people and the safety of the goods, for a few years.


just opened a small cigarette and liquor vendor, but many passengers, because the store is usually only one person I see, sometimes encounter peak sales, a person must busy serving customers, but also busy closing, bustling about a day, managed to dial a few good guests away, close the door at night is the Title. That is certainly profitable, found on the shelf number of goods is wrong, a lot less than the book. Looking back, I was busy with the time, the goods in the shelf behind the dead angle may be helped. I regret, blame themselves did not pay attention to. What should I do? So go on, how many goods I can not help but stolen ah! read more

Overall prices rose in Kunming and other places prices fell

accelerate the development of economy in the continuous, prices are constantly rising, many consumers can not help but see prices so the rally fell dejected. However, the overall price increases, prices fell in Kunming and other places. National hundred cities in July new home prices, the overall average house prices rose for 15 months. Your home town is the cheapest, or the most expensive? Now is not a hurry to buy a house? Reporters combed the latest data of the provincial capital cities and other data, as well as the authority of the property market forecast for reference. read more

Choose good shops need to do what work

choose good shops need to do what investigation? Many novice do not know what to start with. If you really want to learn some skills, you can come to see the small series. Xiaobian summed up a few hope can help to join the business, I hope to help you, and quickly learn it.

ratio composition of population

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The secret of success in home textile chain


on the market in which the most entrepreneurial projects can get the majority of entrepreneurs concern, a good project of rich entrepreneurs can bring better career prospects for you, let the textile chain Dianban together with you to success in the future market opportunities to get rich, not to be missed.

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